As with any baby-wearing option, safety is a priority. We recommend researching ring sling wearing to find out how to wear and tighten your ring sling and maintaining at least the following guidelines:

  • Use only for babies between 8 and 34 pounds.
  • Frequently check your baby’s position. She should be placed in the ring sling facing you and in an upright position, with legs in the "M" position.
  • Make sure your baby's face isn't covered by fabric or buried in your chest. You should be able to see his nose and mouth easily, at a glance, and at all times.
  • Baby should be kissable close...with her head as close to your chin as possible.
  • Fabric should fit snug against your body.
  • Sling should be washed in warm water, never in bleach, and dried in a clothes dryer at low heat or hung to dry. Bleach will degrade fabric.
  • Sling should be inspected frequently for wear and tear and  not worn if there are any signs of wear in the fabric, or if there are any tears.